Holiday Newsletter: What NOT to write

Seed Holiday Newsletter, No. 1, 2010
Dear family and friends,
Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 2011 and give a brief recap of a few of our holiday 2010 happenings.
We have had a hectic, but fulfilling holiday season so far. We divided our time spending Thanksgiving frolicking in the Adriatic Sea on a friend’s yacht, and the first half of December volunteering at an Anchorage salmon fish hatchery.
The Adriatic cruise was pretty crowded since there was a full orchestra on board to perform nightly opuses for us, but we made do in our quaint captain’s cabin. Last season’s Top Chef Winner cooked for us onboard and infused organic unfiltered cold pressed olive oil into practically every dish (since we picked up a case while ported in Sicily on one of our day trips). It felt great to get away and vacation abroad after such an exhausting work schedule in the fall spent preparing for a company ball to be held in Aspen early next year as part of the annual Food and Wine magazine event. Air Force One picked us up from our favorite Croatian oceanfront bed and breakfast to take us up to Alaska. It was not as relaxed as usual, as we had to share the plane with Barack and the first family, but they were on their way back from a holiday as well and it was a nice way to be green. The Obama girls were very cute and well behaved.
Our initial purpose for the Alaskan trip was to help the next generation of Wild Salmon spawn to secure our holdings in the DOW for the next quarter, but we ended up having a grand time. It was a nice balance of good fun and hard work. We ate so many king crab legs and servings of fresh roe, but thankfully we were able to burn a few calories…squeezing in daily rounds of cross country skiing in the mornings before our volunteering sessions began. Our hotel really pulled through and recommended a great masseuse to help ease our tension from all the skiing and spawning. (Her name is Bambino, just talk to Roby’s assistant for her contact information if you are interested.)
Thankfully, a photographer captured most of these special moments, both overseas and within the US, which will be released to the public as part of an IMAX presentation next Earth Day at theatres around the country.
Upon our return back to California the local news station greeted us at the steps of our new home, which underwent a massive remodeling while we were away puddle jumping. We replaced all of our mahogany floors with marble, and our old Depression glass chandeliers with a few installation Tiffany lamps gifted from the San Francisco MOMA’s latest exhibit. Don’t worry, leftover demolition pieces were donated to a shelter in town, so we were able to maintain our reputation as an eco conscious couple.
For Christmas we are heading to Pinehurst in North Carolina to establish roots in our new vineyard. Plus, as a courtesy to our limo driver, he won’t have to drive us too far when we scoot down to Greenville for Christmas morning before our next mini trip to the South of France.
Humbly wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s,
Beth and Roby

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